Incredible Benefits of Recording your Daily Workout Routine

The best swimmers across the world have the practice of using swim book to monitor their workout sessions. Although it looks more like scribbling, yet it has abundant valuable information that determine your performance and to compare yourself with other swimmers.

In the initial period of time, recording your workout might seem as a nightmare and a boring work, however the worth of yourswimbook will be reaped in a later period of time. Perhaps, it is a good way to see what level you were in at one point of time.

Biggest Benefits of Maintaining a Swim Book

It will keep track on your workings

There are instances that you bound to miss your workout routines. This in fact may continue to two to three days in a week due to late night work at office. However when you look at your swim log at the end of the week you will realize whether your workout proceeded in the direction the way you wanted to or were you short on your working. Your swim log will create an awareness of your working and help to stick to routine irrespective of varied reasons.

Determine your workout regimen

An Olympic gold medalist in his interview said that he was undergoing tough IM set. This helped him a lot to achieve the medal.

You swim log will help to assess whether you are swimming, drilling kicking all your four strokes. This is typically referred as IM set.  When you are not able to do any one of the three, you can record in your swim log and make improvement to your strokes by designing suitable plans.

Closing Thoughts

Once you want what are you doing, then easily you can become a smart swimmer. Smart swimmers are usually the winning ones in the events.