How to Get Hold of the Texas A&M University Ring

Are you an alumnus of the famous A&M University of Texas? Have you shown praiseworthy performances during your academic years? If so, then you are the rightful claimer of the ostentatious graduation ring offered by the university to only those students who have been excellent in their academic performances.

Rules and regulations regarding the ring

As a current student or as an alumnus of the Texas A&M University, you already know the criteria of achieving the ring. Unlike most of the educational institutes, this prestigious University of Texas allows you to wear the traditional A&M ring only if you are successful in completing the compulsory academic requirements. If you are currently pursuing a course in the institute and have not completed it yet, you are allowed to wear it with its top facing your palm. You can wear it with its top facing outward only after graduating with flying colors.

aggie ring

Know the ring properly

The Texas A&M ring is renowned for symbolizing more than a few significant things and ideas. Following are the details:

  • Shield: Protection of the good name of the Institute
  • 13 stripes: 13 original states; the patriotism of the wearer
  • 5 stars: 5 phases of development of the mind and soul of the wearer
  • The eagle: Swiftness, power, ambition
  • The large star: The seal of the state of Texas
  • The wreath of olive leaves: Achievement and desire for peace
  • The wreath of live oak leaves: The strength to fight
  • The encircling ribbon joining these two: The necessity of joining these two aspects
  • The cannon, saber, and rifle: A remembrance of the courageous battle of the citizens of Texas
  • The crossed flags of the United States and Texas: The wearer’s dual allegiance to both the nation and state

Get the ring now

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